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ps4 remote play app iphone

Download PS4 Remote Play App For iPhone/iPad – iOS  : Video games have come a long way from where they began, especially games like PlayStation and Xbox have been game changers. These new games have all sorts of features and technologies that are innumerable.

One such advanced feature related to PlayStation is the remote play app. With the Remote Play App, you can stream your favourite PS4 game on your PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.Whether you are on the same network or not you can still access the PS4 games remotely not even by being close to the TV, just by connecting the PS4’s DualShockcontroller into the computer via USB or Bluetooth dongle. Using it is a complete delight, now the remote play App can also function on your iPhone and iPad device. Even it is unofficially spilled but works pretty well.

ps4 remote play app iphone


Being a PS4 gaming fan you’re always stuck to your TV, the Remote play app comes with the feature to connect your PS4 with any of the devices and operate your game from where ever you are. The PS4 does all the processing but sends the image and sounds directly to the device you’re using the Remote play App instead of sending it to the TV

You can download the R-play App from the App Store for $9.99. The application will allow you to use the Remote Play functionality of the PS4 on your iPhone and iPad. All you need to do is to connect your PS4 to the router via LAN cable and your IOS device connected to the WiFi. The remote play can be operated by connecting to the internet.

The process is quite easy and time-consuming, by using the remote play on IOS R-Play app gives a gaming resolution for PS4 Pro up to 1080p at 60 fps but only 720p for Standard PS4.

But you know all easy task comes with some limitations, and this R-Play app has got some limitations as well

Generally the Dual Shock controller is used but instead, you get to use the on screen touch controls, and that might make a difference on your gaming experience, depending on the type game you’re playing. So to overcome this limitation, you can even use Apple MFI-certified game controllers, that will offset all the limitations.

In our testing, the R-Play worked pretty well on the iPad Pro+PS4 Pro+SteelSeries Nimbus controller combo. The experience would be pretty good for users. If the gamers want to play the games on their iPhone or iPad this a perfect App for you. Download and start Streaming.

If $10 seems a high amount for you we have got another option for the PS4 lovers using iPad and iPhone. The PLAYCAST Remote Play app.


The Application is a free tail which is available in English the software is from the Recreation sub category, part of the Home & Hobby category. The program comes in support with IOS.

So you can Stream your PS4 games on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Whether you’re in the room or away from home, you can enjoy PS4 games remotely by streaming over the internet.


Here are the best PlayCast app features:

  •    You can customise the virtual on screen controller
  •    Very low input latency
  •    Easy setup, start playing within seconds
  •    Supports HD 730p video
  •    Control games with any MFi game controller
  •    Play from anywhere via internet connection

To play on the play cast app on should have a fast internet connection. The PS4 should be connected to the home network via LAN cable. The running version of play cast requires your PS4 is running system software 4.0, some other version will not support.


Though Playstation app is not a remote play app, you can edit your profile and do much other cool stuff. PlayStation app is a type of PS network, where one can edit profile, take part in forums and check gamer tag.So, the more connected you are, the better the gaming experience will be for you.

The only difference between the two apps is that the one for iPhone does not allow you to play games but lets you interact with other players who are online, check out game status and share your scores with others as well.


As soon as you get this App installed on your iPhone/ iPad go to the account section and enter you PSN details. Once all the details are entered, you can just log in to your account.

Under the setting section, you can view your username of the PSN account that is shown in every game you play. You can also check which of your friend is online so that you switch to your PS4 and go online playing.

Find out how to download the App on your IOS:

So now that you already know the features of Play Station App which give you the experience on your iPhone/ iPad, guide yourself through the steps mentioned below to download the play station App.

  •    Open your iPhone/iPad device and then the App Store
  •    Search the Play Station App and enter search
  •    Click on the install button
  •    Wait for some time as the app finish its installation process
  •    Finally, we have successfully installed the app on your device

This is how you can download the app and login into it using your PSN account details and have a fresh console experience.Once you have done this, there’s nothing more to do. You can just start with your amazing gaming experience.


There are many ways you can operate the PS4 remote play apk for iPhone or iPad. Installing remote play on your iPhone or iPad can make your gaming experience much better.So install it on your device right now, and start streaming games to have a better gaming experience.

We hope this article was helpful for you to download the remote play on your device. If you know any other methods to download the remote play on iPhone/iPad, or if you have any doubts, please send us your feedback and queries in the comments section.

I hope you’ve got to know about ps4 remote play apk download. Happy Gaming!

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