Playstation 5 (PS5) Release Date, Specs, Price, Features & Rumours

There is a bad news for all fans that were in a hope that PS5 is going to release in 2018. As in an interview, Sony’s Shawn Layden said that fans might have to wait for a bit longer time as they’re going to extend Playstation 5 Release Date. But one thing is sure that it will be an amazing gaming console with a decent price, which is designed for future games.

Yes, it is very difficult for the fans for holding their excitement for the release of the console


Not much has come out about the PS5’s hardware. Still, we can expect one possible change which is a drop of optical drive in PS5 which in favor of a focus on digital downloads and the PlayStation. Additionally, now streaming service will be introduced, which might come with more compact design or with more space and power for higher spec processing and graphic units.

1. 4K UHD

It will be a different story if something new is introduced till 2020, otherwise, it will be launched with this only. But it has already been predicted that fans will get a high resolution of 4K. This is still a new technology in the market and looks like it will be the biggest rival in the coming few years.

2. Hologram Projection Instead of A Flat Screen

ps5 hologram

It means that you won’t see the objects in 2D or a 3D screen rather; they will be in front of you projected as models. There are predictions that you will be able to give instructions to these holographic models. This is an amazing feature, I’ve been waiting from so long. Exclusives will be loved more with this feature 😉

3. It Will Not Only be a Gaming Console But A Device which Will Bring Along The Concept Of Gaming Environment

It means that you will be experiencing yourself inside the game while playing. Yes, it’s true. The entire space or room where you will be playing will be changed into a completely different place using projections and sensors.

4. A Mix Of Visual Reality Eye Gears And Television Display

There are no boundaries for PS5. There are so many options to try that you will never run out of them. It will come with a head gear which creates a spectacular vision and you might mistake it for real. Additionally, there is an option of watching it in the television mode too. Quantum Dot Technology is going to be used in this.

5. Controller Will Be Similar To PS4

The controller in PS4 was so banging that there was nothing to improve on it. SO, we can expect a similar version of the controller in PS5 with a little bit of change. Also, the missing sense of movement in PS 4 controller will be corrected this time through which you will be getting the best of gaming control.


playstation 5 price


For Sony PlayStation 5, you can expect a price which is anything INR 32,000 in India and $399 in US as a launch price but will be gradually lowered down with time just like any other gadget. The gaming fans do not care about money when they are getting the best gaming experience in the universe. PS5 price might be expensive, but the gamers will get full value for their many.


We don’t know what exactly the PS5 will have, but these are some of the features which can be expected in Playstation 5,


This is one of the baseless rumours as there no official announcement regarding the date of release. Rather, officials from Sony have already made a statement that they want to see more increase and the sale of PS4. Some people are saying Sony playstation 5 release date is going to be between 2018-2020.


The company will never make the similar device again in which a downfall in the hardware sales has been observed. Also, Sony comes up with something new every time.


Nothing can be predicted yet in this regard. But, it more likely looks like a rumor by the rivals. Of course, it will be an excellent gaming console but it won’t be out of the budget.


Yes, while talking about this, we need to look how far back we need. Fans want backwards compatibility in PS5 as far back as they can get. If you don’t know about backwards compatibility, you need to check this post.


With the entry of every new console, graphics is the main point of discussion. 4k will not be a problem, and there will significantly better in comparison to what we are getting now.


What are we buying it for?  Of course, for playing games. New exclusives like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Nioh, and Persona 5 are some of the titles that you will find on the platform of the Sony.


After PS4, we saw games even with the size more than 50 Gigabytes. Even the hard drives with the space of 500 GB are not good enough for the fans. However, every game is not that big but we can expect at least 1 TB of hard drive in PS5


ps5 virtual reliability


It is still a new concept in the field of technology. Still, we are not sure that we will see VR on the PS5 or not but fans surely want this. It is one of those things which people believe only after trying it. As recently, Sony launched PS4 Pro with VR, we’re expecting playstation 5 with virtual reality as well. The graphics will be amazing, as per our sources. 


There were rumors that, PS5 will be released in 2018 which made the fans really happy who got disappointed when they come to know that these were just rumors and gamers should not expect PS5 until the year 2019 0r 2020. We can’t say anything regarding exact PS5 Release date, we will be updating the date as soon as Sony makes an announcement. Bookmark this page by pressing ‘Windows button + D’ for future reference.

Additionally, we heard that there will be a couple of versions of PS5 including one that comes with a VR headset. This was making sense because of the early success of VR on PS4. To get more updates, follow Plastation 5 updates.


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